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How Coaching can help navigate your life

With Gabby Palmer – Life Coach

Monday 8th April to 20th May (not including 6th May)
£150 for 6 weeks (payment plan available)

Are you ready to feel more empowered in your relationships?

NEW workshop at The Harlow… The art of empowered living: how to stop people pleasing, with Becky Rodrigues.

Date: Wednesday 7th February 2024
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Cost: £25 per person

Who is this for?

This is for you if you find yourself feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious, resentful, or disempowered in your relationships with loved ones.

What to expect:

  • Simple and practical knowledge about why we struggle to follow through with our intentions and instead fall into patterns of people pleasing, tying to meet other people’s expectations or end up feeling stressed, irritable, frustrated, or resentful in our relationships.
  • A psychological understanding of what’s really behind the big emotions we feel in relationships with loved ones.
  • An understanding of why we often trade our authenticity for the sake of closeness, connection, validation, or approval by others.
  • An overview of how to feel less guilt, more compassion, connection to and for us at times of challenge.
  • An understanding of how to communicate your thoughts, feelings, needs and wants clearly & confidently in relationship.
  • A range of perspectives, practical techniques to take away and practice to start feeling more grounded and empowered in your relationships.

Wednesday 15 May 2024
from 6-8pm

Moving into the teenage years is a BIG step for children and parents.

Equipping you with the understanding of how the brain grows and changes in adolescence and strategies to help you deal with what’s really going on in their minds.

Pre-teen / Teen parenting workshop by Nina Preston Forensic Psychologist. Dealing with moving to secondary school, adolescent brain development, sustaining hobbies, big feelings, peer influence, Identity formation and social media impact.

£30 per person.

01423 59500 /

  • Introduction to child – adolescent brain development
  • Sustaining interest in hobbies, interests and talents: Why your pre-teen may suddenly become disinterested in what they once loved
  • Big feelings: Strategies for soothing the storms
  • Peer influence: Understanding peer acceptance IS life
  • Transitions: Moving schools & changing social groups
  • Identity formation: The many changing faces (& styles) of your child
  • The impact of social media on the adolescent brain

Join us for meditation classes at The Harlow on the last Wednesday of every month from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, for only £15 per session. Or every Thursday morning from 11am to 11:40am, for just £10 per session.

You’ll experience guided breath-work, meditation, and soothing sound bowls.

We’ll finish with an ayurvedic inspired spiced tea to bring you back and leave you feeling grounded.

Limited spaces are available, so make sure to book your spot per session or grab our special offer of 6 sessions for £80.

🌟 To book please contact Nicki Cooper by emailing her at or calling her on 07813 043724.

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